Friday, October 30, 2009

10 Random things on my mind

1.) Spider man
2.) Smarties
3.) The Beatles Rock Band
4.) The Walmart smiley guy
5.) baby poo
6.) Dane Cook
7.) Optimist Prime
8.) awesome guitar solos
9.) random but pocking
10.) Why I don't have any socks on when my feet are FREEZING!! Shiiizzz man!!

Sorry, my love

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been quit busy. So the party was pimping. lol. I just had McDonald's and I loved it. Today was good. Didn't really do much, then in last period, my teacher was absent so me and my looova, Franny XD, feasted on candy as the class watched Big Mama's House. Now I'm facebooking and talking to my best friend Jordan, who may i add, I love dearly, and she apparently just pocked her but ^_^. Spider man is on my mind right now.

Any way.
Yeah ^^

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My "Other" Family

This is my other family that I love. 1.)Abigail, my MOTHER!, 2.)Mike, my FATHER/brother, 3.)Shannon, my WIFEY/sister, 4.)Ryan, the family hair dresser, 5.)Audrey, my DAUGHTER!, 6.)Paige, my ODA Lova, 7.)Kayleigh, My FRENCH maid ^_^!! I love all you guys sooo much!!!! -MWAH!

10 Ways to Please yo Man/Woman!

boy meets girl Pictures, Images and Photos

Me and my friends got into a random convo. about this today in photography, so I thought I'd make it into a blog. The guy stuff isn't all accurate, mainly silly, but the girl stuff is so true! Enjoy :3

1.)When he comes over to your house to hang, play his favorite song, but DON'T sing it. Men have a theory, "Only The person who writes the song should sing it."
2.)They like it when a hint of taco is on your breathe, so when you kiss him, its like eating a taco XD
3.)Always have a plate of waffles waiting for him when he comes over
4.)Never, and I mean never, have one of those little fluffy dogs and call him "Daddy."
5.)Find a perfume that smells like syrup. Just think of the attention you'll get!
6.)Tell him he's right every once in a while, even if he's not.
7.)Always think of fun places to go, so if he asks you, you're not obligated to say "I don't know, where do you want to go?"
9.)Don't take millions of pictures with or of him.
10.)Never ever ever ever ever ever cheat!!! Tis' LAW!

1.)Check with us before you buy a cologne, we don't always like the crap you get, unless its Axe or anything from Pacsun!!
2.)Sometimes we want alone time with you, which means noone else, but we also love our space.
3.)Be spontaneous :3, but test it first. Not every girl lies it.
4.)Don't just give in when we say we want to go somewhere, unless you want to go there to. If you don't want to go, nicely tell us and compromise with us. We like it when you add in ^_^
5.)We love it when you get creative with your gifts. We don't always want shiny, expensive crap. We like it when you put your heart and thought into it.
6.)Some girls like it when you call them baby, but some DON'T! Try different things, that way we know we've been on your mind and you really thought about us. Examples: love, sweetness, beautiful, etc.
7.)When she's upset, hold her and tell her everything will be ok and mean it. She wants you near.
8.)Never, ever hug us when you're all sweaty! Tis' LAW!!
9.)When she holds onto you after a hug, she wants to be kissed :3
10.)WHen you're watching a movie with her while cuddled up under a blanket in the living room, don't be trying yo feel up on her or make out with her the whole time, just hold on to her, kiss her every once in a while at a sweet scene, and watch it with her.

p.s. Hope this comes in handy boys ;D

Good morning, Loves.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Costume

Queen of the Damned Pictures, Images and PhotosThis is my inspiration for my costume. Jesse from Queen Of The Damned after she's turned into a vampire, only I'm doing my own thing. I bought a purple corset off of ebay for like 9 dollars, SCORE!, and I'm going to where my black skirt with my tripped out tights ^_^. It's going to be awesome.
purple corset Pictures, Images and Photos
Looks nothing like that ^

So I have an AWESOME Halloween party every year and at the end when everyone is going home, we all cuddle up in my living room and watch a scary movie. This year, Nightmare on Elmstreet!!!
a nightmare on elmstreet Pictures, Images and Photos

Weekly Playlist 1: October 14

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This is the first of many weekly playlists. is the best place to go for new stuff ^_^

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

inside16 Facts About Myself:
-I'm a fan of Star Wars, A BIG ONE!
-I love photography
-I'm a poet
-Anything involving art, I'll try
-Music is my passion
-The Beatles are the best of the best!!! In my head at least
-I've lived in the south my whole life and I hate it.
-I have a weird obsession over Anne Rice and her vampires that DON'T sparkle.
-I love to read
-I'm a leo and I have fire sign
-I love Smallville, Chuck, and the Office
-I think is the bomb!
-My little sister OWNS me!!!
-I go to BTW
-I'm spontaneous , very spontaneous! :3
-I have to be the most unorganized person I know, other then my father.