Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3:00 a.m.

Its 3:00 a.m where I am right now and I'm very much awake. While everyone is sound asleep, I am wide awake listening to MGMT, Fine Frenzy, Patrice Pike, Feist, Taking Back Sunday, and The Shins. 

Today was interesting; I slept till 3:00 p.m, tried to get as much computer time as possible out of the way before the trip to Mississippi tomorrow, and talked to my friend Kasem for 4 hours. 

I have two interviews I've been working on. Hopefully I can get more followers :/

I can't wait till Thursday. I get to see most of my family and eat some Turkey ^_^ I love turkey. Any way, me and my family have a tradition. Me and my cousins will start it off Thanks Giving morning with racking up leaves to make a fort and play star wars or something (I know its childish, but who cares) and Granny will bring us hot chocolate every once in a while. Then we'll eat Thanks Giving diner and afterwards all the women get hot-dogs and s'more materials while the kids go with Papa to get to fire started. Then we all grab blankets and chairs and warm up by the fire for a couple of hours. I think November is my favorite month because of all of this. I never really get to see my family and when i do get to see them, I try to make it worth wild. The sad part about it this year though, is that I have to finish some homework in between it all and start sewing for everyone's Christmas presents. It'll all be ok though ^_^

I love Ingrid Michaelson. 
Sorry that was random :P

Well I'm going to go ahead and end this before it gets too long lol

night bloggers,

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