Monday, November 2, 2009

As I sit here...

10 Things I'm so sick off!

1.) fake friends who can't tell me to my face what about me "bugs" them
2.) twilight fans (except Kayleigh :))
3.) people who think they're better then me because they're seniors or juniors
4.) rap music
5.) people who HIT they're bfs' or "gfs'"
6.) my bad memory
7.) the fact that Jordan isn't with me right now!!!!
8.) that I don't have a car to drive to Panama City with!!!
9.) that my firefox is STUPID!
10.) and the fact that I am so lost right now...

This rode I've paved
I stand on now
And as I look to its farthest
I see where I went wrong
I have no way of traveling back
I have no intentions on it either
But now that screaming bump
Haunts my next step

I've lost my direction
The map I thought was here
I've lost my thoughts
I can't move out of the way
Of the speeding cars
I feel on my heals

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