Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Interview with Justin Williams:

Justin.Williams. Photography

CP: Describe your photo stream.

JW: My photostream would mostly be comprised of self-portraits, which is sad cause I never have any models, and work I get like senior pictures, weddings, families, etc.

The self-portraits are either ones that I took for my facebook and I have nothing else to upload, or some that I thought would be a cool idea, so I attempted at it near some cool building.

My work ones are just some people that have come and asked me to take pictures for some type of occasion in order to make some moolah, which I have done a lot of, but never really uploaded for some reason.

Sooo hopefully it's interesting.

CP: When did you start photography and what was it that inspired you?

JW: I first started photography about two years ago (13 years old) when I saved up $70 to buy a crappy Kodak Point & Shoot camera.
The thing that inspired me the most would be Flickr, because seeing all of the amazing pictures that people had taken made me strive to be better and become more creative.

CP: When you're setting up for a photo, what is going through you mind?

JW: I'm either thinking I hope this picture doesn't suck or what I can do to make it better or more unique.

CP: Do you have any heroes or friends that inspire you?

JW: My cousin, who is also a photographer, inspires me and gives me any tips I need, but most of all my homie Jesus Christ is my biggest inspiration.

CP: What kind of gear do you use?

JW: Welp, I really don't use anything fancy, except my camera, a tripod, and a remote (cause most pictures I take are of myself).
Here's to be more specific:
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XTi
Lens: 18-55mm & 50mm f/1.8
Software: Lightroom 2.0 & Photoshop Elements 6
Remote: Canon RC-1

CP: What are your goals in your near or distant future in photography?

JW: For now, I'll make my money by taking pictures for people who want it. In the future, I want to go to Life Pacific College in California to major in photography and hopefully have a business in it someday.

CP: What is your favorite style of photography?

JW: I like about any style of photography, but the one I'm into most would have to be portraiture. I wish I had a cool explanation why, but I don't. I just do.

CP: Is there anything you want to say to blossoming photographers out there?

JW: I would say that in photography creativity and dedication means everything. If things are starting out rough, to keep trying. Avoid anything stereotypical, and think of something unique that expresses who you are, and what you can do. Also, if someone ever puts down your work, they're just jealous.


These are a few of Justin's other pieces. You can find him on


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